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Romney iPhone app misspells ‘Amercia’, a

Romney iPhone app misspells ‘Amercia’, and the campaign is already paying a price for it. via @njgennings


RT @gov: The @whitehouse has posted a @S

RT @gov: The @whitehouse has posted a @Storify of @BarackObama’s surprise @twitter Q&A #gov20

Week in Review for May 25th

Pretty slow week for government and social media news, but the President did host an unscheduled twitter chat on the 24th. See below for details.

Government and Social Media Week in Review May 16th

[tweet!/CoryBooker/status/203193179594432512] [tweet!/rfelliott/status/203117614573158400] [tweet!/adrielhampton/status/203166204951658496] [tweet!/govsm/status/202840130795487234] [tweet!/govsm/status/202838312279478272] [tweet!/govsm/status/202838895283548160] [tweet!/govsm/status/202825813396164608] [tweet!/GovDelivery/status/202765400759468033]

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And here’s an awesome twitter list of G

And here’s an awesome twitter list of G-20 leaders complied by @KatieS #gov20

Awesome twitter list of #campaign2012 st

Awesome twitter list of #campaign2012 staffers compiled by @ngjennings

Week in Review May 9th – Obama Support Gay Marriage and Twitter Reacts

It’s been a long time since I did one of these, hopefully I get get back into the routine. Enjoy

[tweet!/DavidCruiseSF/status/200774079052120065] [tweet!/alltwtr/status/200680432436649985] [tweet!/gov/status/200626614135042048] [tweet!/anoyes/status/200635573013192705] [tweet!/WHLive/status/200636555843469312] [tweet!/VP/status/200617430907748352] [tweet!/lheron/status/200592476237602818]

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