Week in Review for May 25th

Pretty slow week for government and social media news, but the President did host an unscheduled twitter chat on the 24th. See below for details.

  1. The Twitter Q&A was a nice touch.

  2. Really creative look.

  3. Nicely put together

  4. Interesting, yes, but does it change my opinion of our President, no 🙂

    • It’s not supposed to change your opinion of him, but of what government is capable of doing with social media and technology.

  5. As a citizen I want our government to leverage the latest and best communication tools to save time, money, and gasoline. I am glad to see that the White House and NASA are using technology available from the private sector, rather than waste money on duplication.

  6. Huh? This blog and my website are non partisan – whichever politician uses social media productively will be lauded, those who fail will be criticized.

  7. Got me thinking about the requirements for politicians in the future to be seriously social media savvy.

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