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The comments aren’t working right now. If anyone has seen this type of error before, or just wants to leave a comment with me, send me an email josh@govsm.com


Twitter lists of Congress

As you can see on the right, I have compiled a Twitter list for all of Congress. I also split up the list into its separate House and Senate components. Follow them at @govsm/congress, @govsm/senate and @govsm/house.

First day of the blog

Welcome to the blog! My name is Josh and I am an attorney from Chicago. I tried blogging about politics a few years ago, but I didn’t have the will to write when my articles led to endless debates with friends and colleagues. Hopefully this site, which will be non-partisan in the way it looks at and rates the various government officials and offices, will avoid (most of) the harsh partisan sniping that usually comes with the territory.

I am a huge political nerd and social/new media enthusiast. I hope to provide government staff and the public at large a comprehensive look at just who in government is using social media, who is falling behind, who is innovating, and who is using the most popular products the best. In the next few months I will try my hand at answering the great question of our time that any staffer or politician asks about Social Media: What value is there for us? Why should we devote staff resources to updating our facebook page?

Right now I have three pages up, Senate, House and Governors. These pages allow the reader to quickly identify which government office/politician is using which social media product. Later this week I will add a page comparing the various Congressional committees. I hope to have Federal agencies done by next Monday. If there are any specific page requests (e.g., Wyoming Senate), please let me know.

This site is intended as a public wiki. As of now the House and Senate pages remain locked, but every other page I add will be open to the public for editing. At some point in the near future I will unlock the other two pages. Layout and content feedback is very much appreciated.

I am generally new to blogging, and especially new to wordpress, so please forgive the dust as I figure out post options, theme/background layout etc.

Thanks for reading,


This is my first post

Test post. Working on 3 different aspects of the site at the same time at 1 in the morning. Going to be a long night.

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