GovSM interview talking about President Obama’s Google+ hangout

This morning I was interviewed by Tim Farley, host of SiriusXM’s Morning Briefing on POTUS channel 124. We talked about President Obama’s upcoming Google+ hangout and all the questions he received from the White House Youtube page. Take a listen below and please give feedback (style substance or otherwise) in the comments below.

    • TaxCoach
    • January 30th, 2012

    Bit long. I’m surprised that host don’t know nothing about G+.

  1. Usually he plays a bit dumb so that I explain it to listeners who don’t know anything. I was surprised when he did not know that it was a video conference.

  2. Thanks,Josh…..great interview ! I think google plus is a great way for people to get ingaged and have their personal questions answered.What better way is there for people to become involved ?As far as the privacy goes,I think it is pretty tough to hide anything with the technology that exists today ! This seems to me to be a PLUS for everyone,even for those that do not wish to be in the public eye.This is giving them an opportunity to be involved while remaining on the sidelines….Whether it is the President answering questions or those involved in social media,those questions are still being addressed and people are getting answers and knowledge they may have not previously had answered….Great job…..Dee

    • abacnok
    • January 30th, 2012

    I agree. It is a bit long. Suffice it to say the president will only allow people to ask questions he wants to answer.

  3. Thanks Josh for sharing! Have a great Monday! Best, Lucas

  4. Listening

  5. Only 10, huh? Not a real good representation of the country, but when’s the last time any politician worked for the people?


  6. I am doing my best to understand every word, the music is much easyer for me with my english.. 🙂

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