Social Media and Gov Week in Review (x2)

Missed a week of review last week, lots of links to catch up with.

I’ve updated both the House and Governors pages on the site, dozens of new social media links.

Please call your Congressman and tell them to vote against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

  1. Sweden lets citizens take over its official Twitter account. This is either genius or insanity.
  2. Twitter teams up with @FoxNews for #GOPdebate
  3.  Marathon #SOPA votes derailed by a politician’s “offensive” tweet @SteveKingIA
  4. .@SenMikeLee is not scared to delegate twitter responsibility among many staffers. He has 4 official accounts.
  5. Great use of Flickr RT @petesouza: New Obama family portrait:
  6. In #HackWeTrust: Can the People’s House become a social platform for the people? (article by @digiphile)
  7. RT @Diament_OU: Welcome to the twitterverse @joshuadubois @whitehouse
  8. Federal social media users advised to try #Klout,#Tweepskey & #SocialBro to help measure their online reach…@gbyehuda
  9. Obama’s Re-Election Path May Be Written in Will St. Clair’s Code – Bloomberg @BloombergNews
  10. Among Twitter users, Obama’s approval rating is 69%, 23% higher than nationwide rating
  11. NBC partners with foursquare to map the 2012 campaign trail… via @aboutfoursquare
  12. US Sens @SenMikeLee(…) & @PattyMurray(…) are embedding tweets. Are you?… via @gov
  13. Congressman Tim Holden joins twitter and facebook: @RepTimHolden and
  14. RT @TheDailyShow: RT @TeamBachmann “I’m at Gate B22 (at Terminal 4, PHX Airport, Phoenix)” // Um…do you need a ride? [just joined foursquare]
  15. RT @exilauren: Fantastic article | 7 Reasons Government Agencies Should Monitor Social #opengov thanks @levyj413
  16. RT @drdigipol: Facebook & Twitter use boosts election chances via @the_irish_times (TY @spedwybabs ) #socmed#2012
  17. Twitter Launches @gov Account for Tracking Civic Engagement:
  18. MT @digiphile: How should a “@whitehouseQuora” work? TBD… last week, @aneeshchopra joined
  19. Three congressional staffers canned after tweets reveal in-office partying
  20. Taking Flight — Presidential candidate launch#LetsFly profile pages: @newtgingrich@TeamBachmann @RickSantorum (cc: @TwitterAds) via @gov
  21. Taking Flight — National party committees launch#LetsFly profile pages: @dccc @NRSC @NRCC(cc @TwitterAds) via @gov
  22. Rick Perry dethrones Rebecca Black with most ‘disliked’ YouTube
  23. Apparently GOP Senate minority leader McConnell has been on twitter since July @McConnellPress…… but there was zero effort put into rolling it out and link is hidden = @McConnellPress only has 1,700 followers.
  24. Twitter and the Campaign: How the Discussion on Twitter Varies from Blogs and News via @pewresearch
  25. RT @digiphile: “Imagine if a bill in Congress could tweet its own status”-@WhipHoyer on (cont)
  26. RT @almacy: @GOPLeader: “Transparency, engagement and open government are not partisan issues.”
  27. Library of Congress says Twitter archive will build “unique record of our time” by @jonrussell via @TheNextWeb
  28. USAJOBS Turns Frustration to Friendship With Social Media via @dslunceford@sradick #gov20
  29. The Candidates on YouTube: Which Ones Are Using It Most Effectively As State Battles Approach? via @techpresident:
  1. December 16th, 2011

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