Social media and politics week in review Dec 2nd

It’s ben a relatively slow two weeks. Still, there are a few interesting stories out there.

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  1.  If You Tweet It, They Will Come via @HuffingtonPost @AdamS @NASA#NASATweetup
  2. 4 ways technology will impact politics in 2012 via @ethanklapper
  3. Venezuela’s Chávez Hacks Critics’ Twitter Accounts – With Cuba’s Help by @curthopkins via @RWW
  4. Welcome to the first ‘Twitter election’ – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley:
  5. For politicians and elected officials, getting on Google+ is easy. Announcing Google+ Politics Guide #opengov#gov20
  6. Great article about social media and lobbying -Stop #SOPA: Using the Internet to Save the Internet via @PatrickRuffini
  7. Tracking the Most Talked About Candidates on Facebook | Engage via @engagedc @PatrickRuffini
  8. More on the Kansas story: @govsambrownback Apologizes To Teen Tweeter h/t @Pres_Bartlet
  9. More on @BarackObama joining Google+ from @digiphile (thanks for h/t re: other 2012 pages cc: @nclarkjudd)
  10. RT @PatrickRuffini: Excellent example of how a real Mayor can engage citizens on foursquare.
  11. Foursquare in Egypt: Mobile Users Check in to Revolution via @marshallk
  12. Tampa Mayor uses foursquare to help you tour his city by @thatdrew on @TNWapps
  13. Study: Half of Facebook Users Post Political Messages [INFOGRAPHIC]… via @mashable h/t @katieharbath #gov20
  14. The future of social media at the National Archives… via @radar @digiphile
  15. “Four Steps: The Evolution of Social Media in Government” on GovLoop by @gbyehuda #gov20 #opengov
  16. RT @lheron: The Muppets got incredibly social in the last 2 years. @mashable on the strategy:
  17. Just posted the audio of my interview on @MorningBriefing with @JaredRizzi about#whipcast #gov20 #opengov#tcot

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