Government and social media week in review Nov 18th

Lots going on this week, but probably a slow week next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Pandora Opens Box of Targeted Political Advertising
  2. How many iPad apps does it take to make Congress more efficient? Turns out, the answer may be two.
  3. For politicians and elected officials, getting on Google+ is easy. Announcing Google+ Politics Guide
  4.  Welcome to @twitter, @TSA via @AdamS
  5. RT @digiphile: Unexpected. #gov20 RT @steverubel Tumblr spurs users to generate 87,834 phone calls to Congress in 1
  6. Facebook takes its hacker army to DC for a Congressional hackathon –
  7. NASA reaches 20,000 followers on Google+ faster than it did on Twitter and Facebook
  8. Facebook Aids Bid To Recall Wisconsin Governor –
  9. RT @digiphile: A @WhiteHouse epetition on #SOPA now has 20,173 signatures I’d love to see rate of increase today
  10. Team Bachmann’s Twitter fail How the Bachmann Campaign failed to get traction on twitter
  11. RT @AdamS: Old boss, meet the new boss: Welcome to @twitter, @SenLandrieu!
  12. How can govt leverage#socialmedia? Find out from @smburns, CEO of GovDelivery [VIDEO]
  13. GOP republican candidate Mitt Romney on Google+ hangout (virtual town hall style meeting) with Video!
  14. Council member, former Mayor @marionbarryjr joins
  15. RT @Joseph_Marks_#Whipcast app more promotion than #transparency #gov20
  16. Tampa Mayor on Quora – good writeup by @JordanRaynor
  17. Rep. McCarthy promotes his new app, ‘Whip Cast’ – The Hill’s Video: via @JaredRizzi
  18. Why Americans use social media | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life via @acarvin
  19. BLACKBERRY HILL: iPhones, Droids allowed on Capitol Hill, but few use them. Here’s why:
  20. Twitter Can Predict Who’s Winning the GOP Presidential Race [STUDY] –
  21. Newly updated House Committees page, dozens of new social media links.
  22. Government Agencies Go Google+ — InformationWeek
  23. FEMA Director Craig Fugate is on twitter, @CraigatFEMA, and google+
  24. RT @katieharbath: All Facebook: How Facebook Moved The Outcome Of An Ohio Election –
  25. RT @TweetWatch#Twitter is the real-time#spinroom of the 2012 presidential
  1. November 24th, 2011

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