Week in review, brought to you by the number 11

Lots of goings on in the social media and government world. I also started adding Congressional Google + links to http://govsm.com where I can find them. Please email with any I don’t have listed yet. And be sure to follow GovSM on facebook ow.ly/7qoXb and on Google+

  1. US Politics on Facebook – 2012 campaigns go social on.fb.me/rNrLsa via @katieharbath
  2. RT @AmbassadorRice#FF: Serving with courage & distinction: @USArmy, @USMC, @USNavy, @usairforce, @uscoastguard
  3. The power of Twitter, especially when you’re arrested by the KGB: bit.ly/ufrEg4
  4. RT @SenJeffMerkley: Tuesday, I will host a Twitter town hall to discuss what we can do to create (cont)tl.gd/e4460b
  5. RT @PeterHambyCNN: Amazing stat: Perry’s “Oops” moment was the most viewed video on YouTube in the US this morning bit.ly/s8RHsZ
  6. Dem Marjoity Leader @NancyPelosi joins @foursquare, visits their offices and adds SF location tips ow.ly/7pewk
  7. @ChicagosMayor joins Google+ ow.ly/7ovon
  8. Beware, tweeting lobbyists: You’re being watched:politi.co/s5uuBb
  9. Bittersweet End: GovTwit directory turns three, but forced to shut down ow.ly/7nZrY
  10.  95% of all teens ages 12-17 are now online, and 80% of those online teens use social media sites. pewrsr.ch/utg9bu
  11. RT @PeterHambyCNN: D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown says he wants “10,000 tweeter friends” for new statehood campaignbit.ly/vBWNNH
  12. Fox News to use Google+ Hangouts for GOP candidate interviews: ow.ly/7nLxg
  13. Join me for a Twitter Town Hall on Nov 14. Start asking questions today using#AskArnego.usa.gov/Icg
  14. Added a few new social media studies to the website including from CMF and Kennedy School:ow.ly/7nb8s
  15. #Twitter hires @mindyfinn in political push: politi.co/tS7m4L
  16. RT @digiphile: .@NASA leads the way on social media in gov again…they’re now on @google+: bit.ly/sfhkmR
  17. Rep. Amodei tweets for the first time as congressman bit.ly/rMcBDf
  18. Not sure how long it’s been up, but just noticed that the @StateDept has a really nice @tumblr feedow.ly/7ktcF
  19. Boehner uses promoted tweets to target White House – The Hill’s Twitter Room: bit.ly/uJ1XTb
  20. RT @NDN_NPI: Join us: Nov.15 to discuss Social Media & Advocacy w/ @adamconner (@facebookhttp://ndn.org/events/2011/11/social-media-and-advocacy
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