Week in Review 9/21-9/28

Here’s a recap of the past week’s social media and politics news. Shana Tova!

  1. GAO rprt: Social Media Fed Agencies Need Policies & Procedures for Managing & Protecting Info They Access and Disseminate http://ow.ly/6GES1
  2. House Democrats launch social media competition bit.ly/rbwG6Z via @thehilltweets
  3. Great talk, must read article RT @Alderman_Moreno: My blog about #SMW for @HuffPostChicagohttp://ow.ly/6Gqlx Picture by Mr. @johnfritchey
  4. RT @rachelsterne: Great advice from @AdamS 4 @nycgov agencies on Twitter. Discover, share, engage, promote. ow.ly/i/i5Bv #engagenyc
  5. Here’s a link to the audio from my interview yesterday with Tim Farley @MorningBriefing on SiriusXM http://ow.ly/6FpeI
  6. RT @NYCMayorsOffice: Mayor Bloomberg speaking to digital managers and comm staff at City gov’s first ever Social Media Day. #engagenyc
  7. RT @gracecheung: NYC government currently reaches 1.5 million through social media.#engagenyc
  8. RT @lheron: Wow. MT @SlaughterAM: Whoah. Rwandan Pres. @PaulKagame is on a Twitter roll (perhaps rant). fascinating stream of consciousness
  9. How Twitter, FB, Google & LinkedIn are entering the political landscapenyti.ms/rlbPdp via @lheron
  10.  Facebook forming own PAC to back candidates tinyurl.com/3fjx89 via @thehill
  11. RT @mathewi: MT @defcon_5: Time to get to 50 million users: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace: yfrog.com/nvdo8np
  12. MT @IdeaGov: RT @PrivacyWonk: Congrats to @USMC for an awesome #gov20 #socialmediahandbook bit.ly/ntk0xY
  13. Obama Town Hall: LinkedIn’s Economic Role [infographic] by @JonMwords rww.to/otoiCq via @RWW
  14. ‘Young Guns’ head to Facebook – Mike Allen – POLITICO.com: http://ow.ly/6F3qE via @politico
  15. Study: Twitter Played Pivotal Role In Arab Springhttp://ow.ly/6D10H via @TPM
  16. MT @maegancarberry Should candidates have 2 Twitter accounts? @KLSoltis “official + personal handle adds authenticity” http://ow.ly/6CUXc
  17. Twitter users are very sensitive to authenticity. – @AdamS #smchicago #smwtwittergov
  18. RT @gbyehuda: DC EMS suspends #Twitteraccount?! Not good #emergency planning! look:bit.ly/e2P4Xd read: bit.ly/nDY3HG #gov20
  19. RT @Ekaterina: Marine Corps Facebook page went from 0 to 1M in a year – @gregreeder #SMSS
  20. Thanks @ZekeJMiller for the shoutout! Twitter Users: Get Ready For Political Ads To Infest Your Stream http://ow.ly/6AJBA via @bi_politics
  21. President Obama to participate in @LinkedIn town hall – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley: bit.ly/q1Emui
  22. RT @Adweek: Twitter to Launch Political Adsgoo.gl/fb/1uD67
  23. “The politician becomes their own media company”#smchicago #gov20 #socialmedia
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