Week in review 8/8

Politics and social media this past week. August is going to be a slow month. Don’t forget to add some money to the stash under your mattress.

  1. White House Talks Twitter as Rapid Response http://bit.ly/pD5Pxl via @techpresident
  2. RT @joshpolitico: Colbert has Twitter advice for Newt Gingrich http://huff.to/oCxkJu via @HuffingtonPost
  3. Which MPs have the most ‘klout’ on Twitter? – Telegraph http://t.co/ud3XiQz via @Telegraph
  4. RT @digiphile: My column is up at @CBSNews‘ @WhatsTrendinghttp://bit.ly/nhv3QT This one is on Twitter,#compromise #whchat & the debt deal.
  5. The average Twitter user has a follower count of anywhere from 35% – 60% real people. At 8%, Gingrich’s is the lowest PeekYou has ever seen.
  6. Here is PeekYou’s analysis of #newtgatehttp://ow.ly/5Tsns
  7. Update: Only 92% of Newt Gingrich’s Twitter Followers Are Fake – @Gawkerhttp://ow.ly/5TrHR
  8. RT @HowardMortman: EarlyShow has interesting behind-scenes look at Congress & social media, incl http://t.co/Qe8HeHy@AdamS @anoyes
  9. The Pentagon sets its sights on Twitter |http://ti.me/pZqjh4 via @TIME
  10. RT @mashable White House Twitter Q&A Adds 3,100 Followers Per Dayhttp://t.co/oxLGrop
  11. Twitter suspends bogus account for Virginia State Police http://wapo.st/mPo3YK via @postlocal
  12. Following Twitter & Facebook, @whitehouse experiments with LinkedIn for questions http://t.co/FRxr9LB #gov20 via @digiphile @AndrewPWilson
  13. Twitter-As-Rapid-Response in Pennsylvania Politics http://bit.ly/oXHe3Svia @techpresident:
  14. White House Aide Says Tweets Influenced Debt Ceiling Deal http://t.co/CfWLGF5 via @mashsocialmedia
  15. RT @NYT_JenPreston: While Prez Obama lost Twitter followers, @ethanklapper says GOP Senators gained followers today-http://bit.ly/qoMnbb
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