State CIOs

Just added a new page for State Chief Information/Technology Officers. This was a user request page – I would have never thought of even looking for this data, but thanks to some great advice from a few GovSM readers, we have a pretty valuable table.

As you can see, the majority of CIOs do not use social media. Those who do, however, are an excellent source for open government innovation and a transparent view into state government. Of course, if anyone in government is going to have the requisite background for understanding the importance of social media, you would think it would be the CIO. I’m sure there are states that have policies against usage, which would account for some of the non-use, but I have to imagine that most CIOs that do not use social media just do not understand its value.

Currently, there seems to be a Obama Administration policy prohibiting Federal CIOs from using social media. I have been told as much by a few people, but have been unable to confirmĀ  – other than noting that I can’t find a single use of social media by a Federal CIO. If anyone knows of social media use by a Federal CIO, or knows of the exact ban on its use, please let me know.

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