Agencies and .gov domains

I have added all the social media links for the Department of Agriculture to the Federal Agencies page. While researching the USDA, I discovered a .gov I had never heard of before – That site, coupled with yesterday’s launch of (I highly recommend taking a look) got me thinking about all the .gov sites out there and all the sites that most people don’t know exist. I started looking for a list of .gov sites, but met with no success. I posted the question on govloop, and the answer I got surprised me. Apparently, no such list exists, and the General Services Administration (which runs .gov) refuses to release a list publicly for security fears (!).

I’ll continue looking for a list (and asking the GSA to release theirs). However, if I can’t get a list, a new side project of GovSM will be to compile as exhaustive a list of .gov domains as possible. Would you be interested in such a list?

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