Senate Committees

A Senate Committee page has been added. Don’t get too excited, because it’s basically just a list of RSS feeds. For some unknown reason, Senate Committee staff have not figured out how to use social media, AT ALL. Other than Senator Lieberman’s active Homeland Security facebook page, the majority CST youtube page and the joint economic committee pages (I direct your attention to join as in equal House participation in the committee), there are no other forms of social media being used in Senate Committees. This is an epic failure of government not meeting basic gov 2.0 standards.

It would be one thing if social media was still in the up-and-coming stage, but it’s not. As we’ve seen, Senators and their office staffs have generally embraces facebook, twitter and youtube. It’s not like no one on the south end of the Hill has heard of social media.

It’s not a problem of “Committees” either. The House Committees have embraced social media exceptionally well, and for almost every House Committee page there is a minority committee page – something that is absent from their Senate counterparts. In this age of partisanship and new media, how can the minority HELP committee members not want to put out their own message on Healthcare and Education?

I am truly looking for an answer to this question. If someone can point me to a rule or tradition in the Senate the makes the committees public face bi-partisan when we all know it is not, PLEASE explain it me.

I set up GovSM to be a clearinghouse of who’s using what and eventually a site that can discuss best practices of social media use by government. The Senate Committees currently fall into “worst practices”.

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