Federal Agencies

Good morning! Today I added the Federal Agencies page. For now, this is cabinet level only plus any agency directors who have separate accounts. Eventually I will either expand this list or create another list of sub-cabinet agencies (FBI, FEMA, etc.) Opinions on how to list the sub-cabinet agencies would be appreciated

Of course, the vast majority of governing in this country takes place at the agency level. Thankfully, the agencies have responded to the social media boomlet and have great representation on facebook and twitter. For example, it’s incredibly easy to keep up with news at the Defense Department with their 7 different social media sites. Health and Human Services has a listing of all their 26 (!) different facebook pages. Only Homeland Security and the Office of Management and Budget lack facebook pages. The agencies are also very good about displaying links to their social media, something Congress could learn from.

Take a look at the page and don’t forget to subscribe to the twitter list here.

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