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You CAN teach old dogs new tricks

Senators Schumer and Boxer now have twitter accounts at @ChuckSchumer and @senatorboxer respectively. Meanwhile, Senator Feinstein now has a facebook account.

“Inside the 112th Congress’s Great Twitter Handover” from TechCrunch

I was going to write about the excellent transition of twitter user-names by the GOP leadership, but Nancy Scola on TechCrunch did a much better job.

An excerpt:

If you’re John Boehner, who was until today @GOPLeader as well as the Minority Leader in the House, you can simply rebrand your account @SpeakerBoehner and keep your followers, or you can hand the keys to @GOPLeader over to the new Minority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia — and thus give him a welcoming present of the 70,000 followers collected under that account. Boehner went with the first option, bequeathing the name to Cantor but not the followers. “The new Majority and GOP Leader Mr. Cantor and his staff will take good care of it,” says Nick Schaper, Boehner’s new media director.

Read the entire article here.

New social media accounts for governors

Social media accounts for NY Gov Cuomo, HI Gov Abercrombie, and CA Gov Brown have been added to the Governor’s page

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